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Itinerary 1

Landed in Gatwick Airport and stayed for a few days to discover London. Then traveled West by foot along the Ridgeway Path gradually heading south into Wales. Made our way North through the center of Wales and once back on English soil utilized the train system to explore the middle of England.

England: London, Reading, Swindon, Bath, Caippenham, Avebury, Swinden, Coventry, Birmingham, Worlester, Gloucester

Wales: Monmouthshire, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Penzance,

England: Oxford, Coventry, Rugby, Northhampton, Canbridge

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Itinerary 2

Headed back to London just to swap trains and then continued north through the middle of England until we reached York.

England: London, Cambridge, Peterborough, Leicester, Doncaster, Sheffield, Nottingham, York

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Itinerary 3

Continued by train up the east coast through Edinburgh to Inverness. Rented a car in Inverness and drove down west coast of Scotland. Continued South through Liverpool into Northern Wales. Returned to Liverpool and caught a ferry across to Ireland.

Scotland: Carlisle, Newcastle, Glaslon, Eninburgh, Perth, Pitlochry, Pass of Killiecrale A9, Aviemore, Inverness, A875 – Dingwell, Garve, Corrleshalluch Gorge, A832 – Tournaia, Gairoch, Charleston, Lach Maree, A890  – Gleen Carrow, Liar, Stomeferry, Kyle of Lochaish, Skye, A850 – Rudhanan Brathairean, A855 Rittrock, A856 Snizor Beaa, A850, A863, A850], A887, Inchree, A82 Lochleven, A85, A84, A821, Stirring, Alexandia, A74,  Glasgow

England: Carlisie, Penrith, A66, Troutbeck, Keswick, A59, Gdasmere,  Rydalmort,  Ambleside,, Widermic,  Windermere, Bowness, Kendal , A591, Preston,  Liverpool, Chester,55, A494

Wales: Bala, Dolgellau, Barmouth, Haelech, A487, Bangon, Ccandudno, Colwynban,

England: Chester, Liverpool

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Itinerary 4

While in Dublin we decided it would be in our best interest to rent a car rather than bicycling or hitching. We headed south along the coast, gradually heading west toward the Ring of Kerry. We then headed north along the western coast and when we reached the Northern Ireland’s boarder we traveled east back towards Dublin. After our rental car was totaled we took a train south to the port of Rossiare and from there charted a ferry across the channel to France.

Ireland: Dublin, Ennlskerry, Arklow, Enniscrrthy, Wexford, Newross, Waterford, Carrick, Cionmel , Fermoy, N8, Fermoy, Cork, R618, R586, Glengarriff, Ring of Beara, Inerach, Killarney, Castleland, Limerick, N18, Ennis, Kilrush , Lahinch, Corkscrewhill, Galway, N59, Clifdon, Leenane, Westport, N59, Westport, Slige, Boyle, Longford, Mollingar, Dublin, Wexford, Rossiare Harbor

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Itinerary 5

We traveled by train through Paris and headed north east into Scandinavia seeking sunshine. We proceeded north up Norway’s coast to see the Midnight Sun.

France: Cheborg, Lison, Isigny, Paris

Denmark: Naestved, Copenhagen

Sweden: Heisingborg, Goteborg

Norway: Oslo, Fauske, Bodo,

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