10/06  Pisa, Italy

06 Oct 1985, Posted by Scott An Chora in Travelogue, No Comments.

10/06 Pisa, Italy

I was told of a nice beach just outside of Pisa so I snuck in an early shower again and took an early train out.  Tuscany provided an enchanting landscape painted in pastels.  I followed the tourists to the tower in Pisa, gave my two cents and climbed to the top.  With all those people hanging all over it I was surprised it hadn’t fallen and decided to head down before it did.  After strolling through the Duomo and viewing Ramous’s doors I wandered across the river to get a feel for the countryside and sat along the side of the bridge thinking.  Truth, like art is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.  I was watching a young child, a girl playing with her doll.  I couldn’t understand the language but I knew what she was thinking.  I began thinking about all the people that must have crossed that bridge, who stood in that exact spot and how short life really is.  Every step, everything I do is engrained in who I am.  I am here because of the path behind me.  I took a late train into Tirreria, enjoyed sleeping in the sun and took advantage of the cold water, a nice meal, bottle of wine and a beautiful sunset.  I needed days like that to recharge my batteries.

Weight of the darkness, surrounds me, north winds begin to blow,
but the spell of another has bound me and I cannot go

Though the storms, she’s fast descending,
and the rain has turn to snow,
still I see no bending and I cannot go

Clouds upon clouds, above me, my steps are becoming slow, though I tried, I still could not see and I could not go

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