Poem 098  Where went the loveliness

10 Dec 1985, Posted by Scott An Chora in Poetry, No Comments.

Poem 098 Where went the loveliness

Where went the loveliness …….  I know you by, do I know the place
lost in all perfection …….  no longer shy, a dance without that grace
Pretty little dance …….  around we use to spin, a subtle touch …….  our eyes were one, we wandered like the wind

Where went the voice …….  I use to hear sing, now I hear it speak
lost in all perfection …….  no longer brings, these dancing feet are weak
Pretty little dancer …….  within my dreams I see, the way you looked …….  the way we danced, the way it use to be

Where went the warmth …….  that I once knew, now there’s a little distance
lost in all perfection …….  no longer true, the steps are less persistent
Pretty little dancer …….  you’ve grown so far away and stopped those nights …….  of dreaming and let it pass away

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